What is a G String Wax?

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So what is a G-String wax?

The G-String wax is also referred to as the high bikini wax, it the same as your standard bikini wax but this waxing method removes hair from the top and sides and leaves a thick strip of hair running from the top to the bottom.

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What is a Bikini wax?

As the name may suggest to you a bikini wax consists of a tidy up of the hair at the top, sides and a bit down below of your bikini line. This is a an ideal entry level waxing style for those of you that are having a wax for the first time. 

What is a Brazilian wax?

When getting a Brazilian wax, hair is removed from the front of the pubic bone, along the sides, down to the bottom and to your buttocks, the Brazilian wax removes all hair down below, many people choose to leave a ‘landing strip’ behind at the top of the pubic bone. 

How long does a Brazilian wax last for?

Brazilian waxes typically last between three to four weeks, this is a guideline however as everyone’s hair regrowth is different. 

Should I trim before a Brazilian wax?

It is recommended that you should trim your hair to about 1cm before getting a Brazilian wax, any longer than this would make the waxing process a little bit more painful for you, any shorter than this and the wax may not be able to effectively grip your hair. 


What is a Hollywood wax?

Think of a Hollywood wax as a Brazilian wax but with absolutely all hair removed from down below. A ‘landing strip’ is not even left behind with a Hollywood wax, no hair is left standing. 


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